Why Insight? 

It’s been said that developing insight is a process that includes preparation, incubation, the flash of illumination, and verification. Simply put, it takes time, exploration, and knowledge that strives to push beyond problems, challenges, or the traps of assumptions. Another way to think of insight is the identification of contradictions, flawed assumptions, or previously unmade connections. Frequently we operate within a singular perspective and continue to accept realities as they come without question. In this case, developing insight is the attempt to expand your perspective, consider additional realities, and solve problems in a radical way. Regardless of the definition you connect with, insight can be simply understood as knowledge towards situational improvement.

About Our Practice

Matt and Jamie have known each other since their work together in an undergraduate psychology lab at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Over time, the field of psychology has taken them through many opportunities in four different states, seven different homes, and many different work environments to include work at a forensic inpatient psychiatric hospital, smoking cessation within a wellness program, telehealth, and years of behavioral health service in the military. It was their pipe dream to one day open a practice and work together. The opportunity presented itself when Manhattan, Kansas became their forever home. 

"We jumped at the chance to develop a practice to serve the needs within the community. We look forward to growing our practice with the inclusion of good friends and great clinicians and truly value the relationships built with those we serve."

About Our Office

Number 426 Houston is a historic building that was ready for a facelift. Built in 1869 by a stone mason named Benjamin Powers, the original structure was a 2x1 I-house (2 stories-1 room deep, 2 rooms across). There is still plenty of evidence of the original house in the front brick and stonework, the original staircase bannister, and some window and doorway trim. Over the years two additions have been built on the property. The building has been used for many purposes throughout its almost 150-year existence, including as a personal residence, dental and medical offices, bakery, photography studio, and religious meeting place. When Matt and Jamie took possession in January 2018, there was lots to update, revise, customize, and generally re-integrate. On-going work has included electrical revisions, drywall work, new flooring, renovated bathrooms and kitchenette, and a general attempt to tie all three build periods cohesively together. As such, there are “uniquenesses” throughout. Work continues so please mind the occasional mess. Our goal is to provide a space that is comfortable and allows our staff and clients to feel at home.

About Our Dog

Maverick, the Golden Retriever Therapy Dog in-training, joined Matt and Jamie’s personal and work family in April 2018. He was born in January to a tremendous breeder in Washington, Kansas. He is still a puppy and in the process of learning his manners, so he is only in the office periodically for now, generally when someone can supervise him, but this will increase over time. Please let your provider know if you have a problem or allergy in response to dogs and specific arrangements will be made.