We offer the following therapy services for our patients.

General Psychotherapy

This is the most common service we provide because all patients start here. Our providers take a client-focused approach in order to best meet the specific needs of the individual.

Every case begins with a diagnostic intake that provides a global assessment of the presenting concerns and development of treatment goals and a treatment plan. From that point, we target therapy towards the individual’s identified needs. We strive to establish a collaborative understanding of the rationale and the process underlying the treatment approach. We have individuals on staff trained in many different treatment modalities to include: 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Specific trauma-focused interventions
  • Parent Training
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
  • Collaborative Problem Solving for Adolescents

Psychological Assessment

  • Clinical/Diagnostic Clarification: These assessment services are provided by a licensed psychologist and include:
    • Physician or prescriber referral seeking diagnostic confirmation to inform medication recommendations
    • Therapist referral seeking additional diagnostic clarification for treatment purposes
    • Assessment of academic, educational, or executive functioning
    • Professional fitness for duty evaluation
    • Self-identified questions or concerns regarding psychological functioning
  • Forensic Assessment/Evaluation: These assessment services are generally requested by a lawyer or a judge and typically contribute to determinations made in a legal case. Areas may include:
    • Parental/custody/guardianship evaluation
    • Competency
    • Dangerousness
    • General questions regarding psychological functioning

Professional Consultations

We seek to identify and meet the needs of organizations as well. You may have a personnel issue, a training need, or an opportunity to provide additional support to individuals within your organization. Let us know your needs and we can develop a strategy custom-fit to your situation.