Our “Insight”

on November 2, 2018

Welcome to the official first entry into the Insight Psychological Services blog!  We are a newly developing behavioral health practice in Manhattan, KS and we are incredibly excited to be establishing ourselves into the local community to provide comprehensive psychological services.  As we have attempted to identify out interest and mission, we continually return to efforts in not only providing top notch clinical care, but also demonstrating that we, as behavioral health providers are regular people too.  We’re looking to reach into our community (and beyond!) to provide normalizing opportunities to break the stigma that surrounds help-seeking in general, especially as it relates to psychological well-being.  As such, this blog intends to do just that. 

We see this as an opportunity to present our individual thoughts, ideas, perspectives, etc. allowing others, to include past, present, or prospective clients, friends, organizations, and fellow professionals to see inside our heads.  Our hope is that with this “Insight” those around us will develop an understanding of how we think, how we approach individuals/problems/life, and maybe pick up a new or adjusted perspective.  Additionally, at times, it will humanize and normalize ourselves as people, sometimes clinical professionals, sometimes just people with ideas and challenges that we and everyone else (maybe you?) may face on a daily basis.  We hope to include some facts, truths, and dare I say research (though I don’t promise it will all be 100% backed up with science).  There will be reliable tips you’ve heard before, new ideas that have pop into our heads, and inspired rambling from time to time.  We welcome feedback, comments, alternative perspectives and criticism.  Welcome to our Insight.